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How to Become a Python Developer?

Applications are now seen everywhere, from our daily morning scrolls to late night movie nights. The apps which we use on a daily basis like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify are written using programming languages, mainly Python. With increasing demand for Python programmers, its a good time to become a Python Developer. The question is, how do you become a Python Developer ? In this blog, you will get to know what Python programming is, its demand in today's IT market, skills required to become a python developer, its career path and courses you can follow step by step to become a python developer.

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What is Python?

Python is a simple, intepreted, high level programming language that is used for developing websites, softwares, task automation, data analysis & data visualization. The applications we use everyday including Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and many others uses Python. Nowadays, Python is rated by the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Languages) index to be the most recommended programming language in the world to code various applications. Previously C & Java were on the top.

Python Developers work with the Python language to create, design and develope various computer programs. This also includes debugging (error finding and correction) when errors come up within their Python Projects.

Demand for python developers in today's IT world

Developers love working with Python due to its various features that makes effective productivity for them.

  1. Its a general purpose programming language as it is being used in various applications including web development, data science, software development, artificial intelligence and much more.
  2. Python has got an easy code readability feature as its syntaxes are just like reading English. This is why entry level programmers prefer to learn and work with Python first before anyother programming language.
  3. It also requires fewer lines of code compared to other languages like Java or C.
  4. It does not have the compilation step, so the edit-test-debug cycle gets quite quick. Due to the absence of the compilation step, python becomes compatible with multiple major platforms. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi.

Nowadays, 52% of the programmers globally accept that Python is the most preferred language used for working with various applications compared to any other programming langauge. Due to the huge scope the employers see today for the same, Python developers have become one of the most highly paid professions in the UAE. Around 8% of the developers also agree that they choose Python when they planned to migrate thier programming language usage. This figure is comparatively high when compared to the 2-4% range of usage of other popular languages including HTML, CSS JavaScript or even Java. Therefore, Python is agreed to be the fastest growing programming language in the world.

Career path for Python Developers

Alright so now you might be wondering on what steps you could take up or what path you could follow to become a Python developer? It depends on the stage you are standing at the moment. If you are at a level where you are deciding on a degree or an academic level program you need to go with, you can always choose degrees related to computer science or engineering. However, it is not a necessity but it can help you stand out of the crowd as you build your foundation in the same. Of course, if your degree isn’t aligned with computer science, still you can go forward with the career path of a python developer. Get started with this simple yet practical python programming course for beginners from scratch by signing up here.

After you had gained a strong baseline in Python, you can choose a career path in python based on your area of interest.

Python Web developer: This Python developer career involves writing server side web application logic. They are responsible for developing back-end components, connection of applications with third party web services & supporting front end developers by fitting their work with the Python application.

Python Data Scientist:

Python software developer:

Python Machine learning Engineer:

Follow these five must steps to become a python Developer :

  1. Have strong foundational knowledge of Python concepts:
  2. Implement the concepts you learn using simple practicals.
  3. Move to creating Python projects using the conceptual practicals you had learnt.
  4. Take the help of an experienced Python mentor.
  5. Participate in Python programming seminars/webinars & workshops.

Skills required to become a Python Developer

To become a successful Python Developer, you will need to possess certain hard skills & soft skills. Here are the major ones you will need to acquire:

  1. Object oriented Programming
  2. Data Structures & Algorithms
  3. Databases
  4. Web Development
  5. Unit Testing

To get started with your career in Python, we recommend you to sign up for the Python Developers certifcation course in Sharjah. This course is suitable for all beginners including children from age 10 onwards. This Python developers training program starts from the beginning, preparing students to develop standard projects which will give them the confidence to work in Python effectively. This Python certification course will include the following modules:

Introduction to Python

  • Understanding of the concept of coding and the different programming languages
  • Definition of Python and its applications.
  • Print and input command in Python
  • Concept of a variable and example using a variable to store data
  • Use of int function to convert text to number
  • Concept of operators and operands. Arithmetic Operators-+,-,*,/,%,**,//

Flow of control statements

  • Need for making decisions in programming
  • If statement- how to write conditions and the concept of indentation in Python
  • If and else condition- when there are 2 conditions
  • Use of if-elif when there are more than 2 conditions to be tested.
  • Use of Relational Operators-<,>,<=,>=,==,!=
  • Use of Logical Operators- and, or, not


  • Concept of loops
  • For loop-how to use a for loop and indentation. Use of range function in for loop
  • Nested for loop using patterns
  • Series related for loop questions using sum of series
  • Concept of while loop and difference between for and while

Data Structures

  • Lists as data structures- what is a list, position numbers in a list, list functions (append, remove, pop, sort, reverse, count, len), for each loop in list
  • Tuples- what are tuples, difference between tuples and a list, tuple functions (Len, count). Convert list to tuple and tuple to list, List of tuples, for each loop for tuple
  • Dictionary-what is a dictionary, concept of key and value, for each loop to access keys, items and values in dictionary


  • User defined functions-concept of a function, how to write a function in python, calling a function, passing parameters to a function, returning values from function.
  • Math functions-different Math related functions in Python
  • String functions-different String related functions in Python

File Input/Output

  • File Writing-open a file for writing or appending, write to file.
  • File Reading-open file for reading, read each line from file, read few characters from file, read all data from file.

Exception Handling

  • Concept of exception handling and using try, except and finally

Regular Expressions

  • Using Regular Expressions for pattern matching


  • Understanding the concept of objects and class, understanding Object Oriented Programming.
  • Creating a class in Python and writing __init__ function. Defining class variables
  • Creating an object of the class
  • Defining class methods

Project in Python

  • Tic Tac Toe Game
  • Hangman Game
  • Designing a Library Application using File handling 

Introduction to Pygame

  • Setting up Pygame module and creating the screen
  • Shapes in pygame-learn how to draw rectangle, circle and lines using Pygame functions
  • Handling Events in Pygame

Paint App

  • Creating a Paint Application in Pygame using the shapes

Images in pygame and creating sprites

  • How to add images as background in Pygame
  • Creating a Sprite class
  • How to add sprites to SpriteGroup and making Sprites move
  • Collision between Sprites

Project Game

  • Spaceship and meteor shooting game

Introduction to Django

  • DJango Framework and MVC Pattern
  • Installing Django
  • Database setup

Creating a Website

  • Explain Web and Mobile Application
  • Objects and Database

Django Template Language

  • Django Template Tags
  • Decision Making
  • Comments and Filters
  • Loops

Integrating Bootstrap into DJango

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Creating tables, grids

Django RESTful API

  • CRUD Operations

Live Project Using DJango

  • Creating a fully functional website in DJango
  • Anaconda installation
  • Programming in jupyter notebook
  • Python variables
  • Python datatypes
  • casting
  • slicing
  • python operators
  • control structures
    -if else
    -for loop
  • comprehensions
  • functions
  • modules
  • packages
  • file handling
  • exception handling
  • regex
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
    -series -Dataframes
  • Data visualization

Python Standard Library

  • Brief Discussion on Library Methods and Modules
  • Mention important methods from math, fractions and random modules.

Object Oriented Programming

  • ● Objects and Classes
    ● Defining a Class in Python
    ● Constructors.


  • ● Multiple and Multilevel Inheritance
    ● Modifying Built in Classes Using Inheritance
    ● Operator Overloading Using Inheritance
    ● User Defined Exceptions


  • Encapsulation in Functions
    ● Global versus Local Namespaces
    ● Exceptional Control Flow
    ● Modules as Namespaces
    ● Classes as Namespaces.

Graphical User Interfaces

  • Tkinter Widgets – Label, Text, Entry, Button, Canvas & Frames
    ● Event-Based tkinter Widgets
    ● Designing GUIs, OOP for GUIs.

CGI Programming

  • What is CGI
    ● Web Browsing
    ● CGI Architecture Diagram
    ● Web Server Support and Configuration
    ● HTTP Header
    ● CGI Environment Variables
    ● Basics of Database Connection and networking

Turtle Graphics

  • Familiarization of various Turtle Graphics Methods
    ● Moving and Repositioning Pointer
    ● Drawing Geometric Shapes
    ● Colouring of Drawings.


  • Creating Arrays
    ● reshape(), sum(), min() and max() methods
    ● Item wise arithmetic operations.

What next?

So now you got to know that Python is one of the most sought after programming languages in the world. The demand for python developers is on the rise and will be continuing to grow for the foreseeable future. Therefore, if you think your goal is to become a python developer or if you want to sharpen up your IT career with Python, then definitely you can go for it. However, definitely its not an easy task unless you are determined to practice and work on it as mentioned in the above blog. Of course, the competition to be the best is always huge so you will have to be two steps ahead by getting yourself trained professionally. Inorder to help you achieve this goal, we had designed the best Python developer certifcation course for you at Rolla Academy.

The Python developer certification course does not only help you get certified but also works with you to professionally and practically develop your Python skills by going through the beginner concepts to a project level training. This course will help you build practical skills in web development, game development and data science. You will also get a flat 60% discount on the certification package if enrolling for the same.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us! We are always happy to speak with like-minded individuals who want to learn and work with Python in-depth. So don’t wait for tomorrow, apply for the course right away and get started. As the saying goes: “Small steps lead to big changes”. Cheers!

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