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  • Enable you to become an expert Python developer in just 3 months time.
  • Python developer course certification curriculum designed to prepare you with the essentials skills and experience for high paying python programming job openings.
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You will learn to

Become an Expert python developer And get hired for the job

work with Object Oriented programming

Set up a professional workspace with Jupyter Notebooks, PyCharm, VS Code + more

Build and Showcase Python Projects

Learn game development with Python and Pygame

Learn data analysis and visualization with Python (Data Science)

Learn to Test, Debug and Handle Errors in your Python programs

Work with latest Python 3.10 concepts as well as advanced topics

Learn function Programming

Learn how to use Python in Web Development

Build a professional Portfolio Website

Learn best practices to write clean, performant, and bug free code

Program Highlights

Curriculum designed for students without prior coding experience

practical learning with latest tools and technologies

Practical hands on learning with the latest tools and technologies

industry experts

Live sessions from Industry based Experts

job ready

Become ready for the job with extra practicals and team support.

practical exercises and assignments

Program includes variety of practice exercises, tasks and assessments.

instructor feedback

Qualitative feedback on your projects from instructors to do better

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Technology & Tools Used

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Program Modules

Introduction to Python

  • Understanding of the concept of coding and the different programming languages
  • Definition of Python and its applications.
  • Print and input command in Python
  • Concept of a variable and example using a variable to store data
  • Use of int function to convert text to number
  • Concept of operators and operands. Arithmetic Operators-+,-,*,/,%,**,//

Flow of control statements

  • Need for making decisions in programming
  • If statement- how to write conditions and the concept of indentation in Python
  • If and else condition- when there are 2 conditions
  • Use of if-elif when there are more than 2 conditions to be tested.
  • Use of Relational Operators-<,>,<=,>=,==,!=
  • Use of Logical Operators- and, or, not


  • Concept of loops
  • For loop-how to use a for loop and indentation. Use of range function in for loop
  • Nested for loop using patterns
  • Series related for loop questions using sum of series
  • Concept of while loop and difference between for and while

Data Structures

  • Lists as data structures- what is a list, position numbers in a list, list functions (append, remove, pop, sort, reverse, count, len), for each loop in list
  • Tuples- what are tuples, difference between tuples and a list, tuple functions (Len, count). Convert list to tuple and tuple to list, List of tuples, for each loop for tuple
  • Dictionary-what is a dictionary, concept of key and value, for each loop to access keys, items and values in dictionary


  • User defined functions-concept of a function, how to write a function in python, calling a function, passing parameters to a function, returning values from function.
  • Math functions-different Math related functions in Python
  • String functions-different String related functions in Python

File Input/Output

  • File Writing-open a file for writing or appending, write to file.
  • File Reading-open file for reading, read each line from file, read few characters from file, read all data from file.

Exception Handling

  • Concept of exception handling and using try, except and finally

Regular Expressions

  • Using Regular Expressions for pattern matching


  • Understanding the concept of objects and class, understanding Object Oriented Programming.
  • Creating a class in Python and writing __init__ function. Defining class variables
  • Creating an object of the class
  • Defining class methods

Project in Python

  • Tic Tac Toe Game
  • Hangman Game
  • Designing a Library Application using File handling 

Introduction to Pygame

  • Setting up Pygame module and creating the screen
  • Shapes in pygame-learn how to draw rectangle, circle and lines using Pygame functions
  • Handling Events in Pygame

Paint App

  • Creating a Paint Application in Pygame using the shapes

Images in pygame and creating sprites

  • How to add images as background in Pygame
  • Creating a Sprite class
  • How to add sprites to SpriteGroup and making Sprites move
  • Collision between Sprites

Project Game

  • Spaceship and meteor shooting game

Introduction to Django

  • DJango Framework and MVC Pattern
  • Installing Django
  • Database setup

Creating a Website

  • Explain Web and Mobile Application
  • Objects and Database

Django Template Language

  • Django Template Tags
  • Decision Making
  • Comments and Filters
  • Loops

Integrating Bootstrap into DJango

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Creating tables, grids

Django RESTful API

  • CRUD Operations

Live Project Using DJango

  • Creating a fully functional website in DJango
  • Anaconda installation
  • Programming in jupyter notebook
  • Python variables
  • Python datatypes
  • casting
  • slicing
  • python operators
  • control structures
    -if else
    -for loop
  • comprehensions
  • functions
  • modules
  • packages
  • file handling
  • exception handling
  • regex
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
    -series -Dataframes
  • Data visualization

Python Standard Library

  • Brief Discussion on Library Methods and Modules
  • Mention important methods from math, fractions and random modules.

Object Oriented Programming

  • ● Objects and Classes
    ● Defining a Class in Python
    ● Constructors.


  • ● Multiple and Multilevel Inheritance
    ● Modifying Built in Classes Using Inheritance
    ● Operator Overloading Using Inheritance
    ● User Defined Exceptions


  • Encapsulation in Functions
    ● Global versus Local Namespaces
    ● Exceptional Control Flow
    ● Modules as Namespaces
    ● Classes as Namespaces.

Graphical User Interfaces

  • Tkinter Widgets – Label, Text, Entry, Button, Canvas & Frames
    ● Event-Based tkinter Widgets
    ● Designing GUIs, OOP for GUIs.

CGI Programming

  • What is CGI
    ● Web Browsing
    ● CGI Architecture Diagram
    ● Web Server Support and Configuration
    ● HTTP Header
    ● CGI Environment Variables
    ● Basics of Database Connection and networking

Turtle Graphics

  • Familiarization of various Turtle Graphics Methods
    ● Moving and Repositioning Pointer
    ● Drawing Geometric Shapes
    ● Colouring of Drawings.


  • Creating Arrays
    ● reshape(), sum(), min() and max() methods
    ● Item wise arithmetic operations.

Why learn Python?

why learn
  • If you are a first-time programmer, then you must give as serious look into Python. The code is easily readable —like writing basic English.  It is the best programming language you can learn as a starter.
  • If you are looking into pursuing a career in web application development, you can try Python and Django/Flask. You can work with your coding a lot faster and also make it stable at the same time.
  • With increasing experience in working with Python Programming, it can draw high salaries as it is of high demand in the IT industry.
  • Python has got excellent security features which can definitely minimize cyber-attacks.
  • It is considered as the future of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, data analysis, automations and much more.

Who should learn Python?

This course is highly recommended for the following groups:

  • High school and college students in the computer science field, who wish to excel in their academics or upgrade their programming web development skills.
  • Graduates and Postgraduates in Computer Science or Computer Engineering looking for practical and job oriented programming skills to widen their scope for better job opportunities.
  • Programmers or developers who wish to learn a new language and upgrade thier career.

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