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Join professionals who have benefited from our training courses. Our corporate training programs are designed to empower your workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s competitive business landscape. Enroll now to unlock a world of opportunities.

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At Rolla Academy, we understand that every organization is unique, and one-size-fits-all training solutions may not address your specific needs and challenges. That’s why we offer a tailored approach to corporate training that ensures the maximum impact on your workforce. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we work with your organization:



Assessment and Consultation

Before we begin any training program, we conduct a thorough needs assessment in close collaboration with your team. We listen to your goals, challenges, and objectives, and we work together to identify the precise skills and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.



Customized Training Design

Based on the assessment findings, we design a customized training program specifically tailored to meet your organization’s requirements. This includes selecting the most appropriate training methodologies, content, and delivery formats.



Curriculum Development

Our experienced curriculum development team creates comprehensive training materials, which can include course materials, modules, assessments, and any required multimedia resources.



Instructor Selection

We carefully select instructors with industry expertise and subject matter knowledge relevant to your training program. Our instructors are not just educators; they are experienced professionals who bring real-world insights to the training room.



Training Delivery

Depending on your preferences and needs, we offer a range of training delivery options, including on-site training at your location, virtual classroom sessions, or a combination of both. Our training can be scheduled to accommodate your team’s availability and work schedules.



Interactive Learning

We believe in active engagement and participation. Our training sessions are interactive, featuring discussions, group activities, simulations, hands-on labs, and practical exercises to ensure effective learning.



Progress Tracking

Throughout the training program, we use learning analytics to track participant progress and assess the effectiveness of the training. This data helps us make real-time adjustments as needed




For programs with certification tracks, we provide course completion certificate Permitted by Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).



Evaluation and Feedback

We value your feedback and continuously seek ways to improve our training programs. After the training is complete, we conduct evaluations and gather feedback from both learners and your organization to refine our approach further.



Long-Term Partnership

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with your organization, supporting your workforce development needs as your business evolves and grows.

With Rolla Academy, you can be confident that our custom corporate training approach will empower your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to drive your organization’s success.

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Enhance Skillsets

Training programs equip employees with new skills and knowledge, making them more versatile and valuable.

Reduction in Employee Turnover

Companies that invest in training tend to retain employees longer, reducing recruitment and onboarding costs.

Adaptation to Industry Changes

Ongoing training ensures that employees stay current with industry trends and technologies.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more committed and motivated, resulting in higher job satisfaction.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Well-trained employees are more efficient and productive, leading to increased output and profitability.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Well-trained employees provide better customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prove your Skills with Attested Certificate
Upon finishing our corporate training courses, Rolla Academy will grant you approved certificates for the trainees. You can display this certificate to your prospective employers and community to highlight your abilities and stand out from the competition.
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Testimonial Tidbits

Cinderella Diana
Cinderella Diana
Read More
I was searching for Computer Institution that offers flexible timings to enhance my computer skills. I knew about Rolla Academy through my friends who has been also their students few years ago. Thanks to my instructor Sir Ali for being so approachable and friendly in imparting his knowledge at his best and made me a competent in my computer skills.
Rafi Mohamed
Rafi Mohamed
Read More
Thank you Rolla academy for making me an expert in web development and digital marketing. All your sessions were useful and were having nice and flexible study hours. The instructors are very competent and good in teaching. I would definitely give them 5 stars. I had a very great experience.
John Jophy
John Jophy
Read More
I have Completed my course in Revit Structure, it was a wonderful experience for me. I have attended face to face & Online Classes, Ameen Muhammad sir was my tutor, he helped me a lot & anytime he is ready to help us, we can WhatsApp and ask doubts & the institute gave me certificate from Ministry of Education.
Tshitiz Gurung
Tshitiz Gurung
Read More
A very professional and friendly environment for learning experience!! I did my digital marketing course and instructors and mostly the receptionist ma'am is very cooperative!! I sometimes had very stressful timings due to my work but they always helped me to cover my sessions!! There is always a healthy communication between the students and instructors on how well the students are improving!! Would highly recommend this institute👍
Maryam Soorya
Maryam Soorya
Read More
Glad to be a part of this institute. Really helping me learn arabic wirh basic Emirati accent. I always wanted to learn arabic since I visited gulf countries but always thought it will be very tough to learn. But my instructor Sir Saeed Ahmad made it sound so easy and methods he uses to teach us makes it very simple to understand. Thank you.
Meenakshi Sharma
Meenakshi Sharma
Read More
I would like to Thank Mr. Arun for helping throughout this primavera p6 course. He helped me understanding each and every concept in very nice and interesting way.
Virgo Arcade
Virgo Arcade
Read More
My name is Vanita. completed 3ds max course from Rolla Academy. This is a wonderful place in Sharjah for Learning. Mohd. Ameen is a great tutor. He has a deep knowledge and very helpful person. Timings are very flexible. I am so glad and satisfied from the Institute Services. I am very thankful and appreciate Rolla computer institute staff and specially Mohd. Ameen for the guidance and support.
Read More
My name is Sayanth, i learned Premiere Pro from Rolla Academy Sharjah and the best thing is my rookie editing skills have improved a lot to professional editing skills! The tutor Muhammed Ameen has made me GOD in making montages, creating productive videos and etc. So, Thanks to my Tutor! As well as the Academy.
Aishwarya Mohan
Aishwarya Mohan
Read More
This is one of the best institutes in Sharjah. I was under the guidance of Mr Ali; he is a very knowledgeable person. I thank him for all the help and support that he has given me. He is very patient and clears all doubts. The timings are also very flexible. I am totally satisfied with this institute.
Shreya Goyal
Shreya Goyal
Read More
I have recently completed courses of accounting software viz. Tally, Peachtree & QuickBooks under the guidance of my tutor, Mr Ali. Sir is very helpful and supportive. He is truly a great teacher and having excellent teaching skills. I am fully satisfied to get classes from here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to build a successful digital marketing career, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, and students.

By taking this course, you will gain a solid understanding of digital marketing strategies and techniques that you can apply to your business or career. You will also receive a certificate of completion that can help boost your resume and career prospects.

The course is delivered through a combination of in-person lectures and online resources.

Yes, you can attend the course either in person or online.

No prior knowledge or skills are required to take this course.

ou will have access to a dedicated support team who can answer your questions and help you with any issues you encounter during the course.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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