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Learn Power BI (Business Intelligence), a user-friendly data visualization tool that turns complex business data into easy-to-understand charts and reports. It’s used by business professionals, data analysts, and anyone with data to gain insights, make informed decisions, and improve overall understanding of their data.


Become a Microsoft Power BI Expert

Whether you’re a business leader, analyst, or data enthusiast, our course equips you with the skills to harness the full potential of Microsoft Power BI.

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Microsoft Power BI Course in Sharjah, UAE- Practical Training

Power BI

Imagine you have a bunch of data from your business – sales, customer info, all that stuff. This Business Intelligence Course will show you how Power BI takes that data and turns it into colourful charts, graphs, and tables that are easy to understand.

Who uses it?

  1. Business People: Like managers and executives. They use Power BI to see how the business is doing and make smart decisions.

  2. Data Analysts: These are the people who dig into the data and make those cool charts and reports.

  3. Anyone with Data: Basically, if you have data and want to understand it better, Power BI can help.

So, it’s a tool that makes data pretty and easy to understand, and it’s used by lots of folks who want to make better decisions with their data.

Get started learning

Admission Eligibility

Prior knowledge of using a Windows computer is expected, while having basic Excel skills can be advantageous..

Classes Schedule

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Alternate Days

Modes of Training

Live online
Hybrid mode



Introduction to Power BI

An introduction to Power BI, its importance, and how it fits into the world of data analysis and visualization.



Power BI

Understanding the core features and capabilities of Power BI as a business intelligence tool.



Power BI Desktop

Dive into Power BI’s desktop application, where you’ll learn how to create reports and dashboards.



Working With CSV, TXT and Excel Worksheets

Explore the process of importing and working with data from different file formats.



Connecting to Databases

Learn how to connect Power BI to databases, which is crucial for real-world data analysis.



Merging, Grouping, Summarizing, And Calculating Data

Understand how to manipulate data within Power BI, including merging datasets, creating summary tables, and performing calculations.




Dive into the art of creating informative and visually appealing reports that communicate data insights effectively.




Discover the importance of measures in Power BI, which enable you to perform advanced calculations and aggregations.



Power BI Online

Explore the online version of Power BI, where you can publish, share, and collaborate on reports and dashboards.



DAX and its importance in Power BI

Delve into Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), a powerful formula language used in Power BI for complex calculations and modeling.

Power BI Certification Course - Student Reviews

Danya Muhammed
Read More
"The course is well organized and has a practical approach to all its areas. The trainer has taught us quite well and only that we put efforts we get benefit from this course. He was keen enough to see that we finish our assignments and help us in whatever way possible. Appreciate it."
Anandhu Manoj
Read More
The entire faculty, notably Aruna ma'am, is very helpful and provides training in the essential knowledge and abilities needed for students to succeed in their chosen field.
Md Adnan Raza
Read More
It is good place to learn skills that is required for your career and there you will have good teachers who teaches very well, I did power bi course from there and I got to learn that properly with the help of my teacher, she is amazing, friendly teacher and one of the best teacher I met.
Hadi bin Abdul Nasar
Read More
The classes are perfect and easily understandable and the doubts are cleared at any time. Loved the experience of learning from here.
Salwa Al Ameeri
Read More
This institute is among the best institutes I have visited before..they are all cooperative, distinguished, friendly, and very respectful. The staff are all wonderful, and the professor communicates the information clearly, and repeats more than once to confirm the information. I learned from them how to set up a website in a clear, easy, and very cooperative way. They arrange appointments accordingly. Conditions for everyone.. Thanks to the distinguished professors.

Power BI Course -FAQ'S

Power BI is used to turn raw data into clear, interactive reports and dashboards. It helps businesses and individuals analyze data, create interactive reports and dashboards, and make informed decisions.

Power BI is used in various places like businesses, healthcare, and finance to make sense of data. It helps people see trends, make decisions, and improve things. So, whether you work in a hospital, a store, or an office, Power BI can help you understand your data and do your job better.

Power BI is important because it turns complicated data into clear pictures and reports, helping businesses and people make smarter decisions. It’s like a data superhero that makes information easy to understand, so you can see what’s going well and what needs improvement in your work or organization.

Power BI skills are in high demand. Many businesses want experts who can turn their data into easy-to-understand visuals and insights. This demand is growing because more companies realize the power of data for making smart decisions, so having Power BI skills can open up many job opportunities.

Power BI is a dedicated data visualization and business intelligence tool that’s ideal for handling large datasets and creating interactive reports and dashboards. Excel, on the other hand, is a versatile spreadsheet application that’s best suited for smaller datasets and basic data analysis, with fewer advanced features for visualizing and modeling data.

Live Power BI Online Instructor Led Training

Web designing practical course

Blended Mode Training option

Attend the Theory part of the course from home and attend classroom training for practicals if required.

Get training from Industry professionals

Experienced industry based practitioners who can guide you through with the best practices.

Learn from the comfort of your own space.

Build real time IT based skills from literally anywhere in the world.

Interactive Training Limitted students per bactch

Maximum 8 Students per batch to enable better communication with the trainer.

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