Graphic Designing Pro Course in Sharjah - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

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In this digital era, job opportunities in the field of advertising and marketing are fairly increasing every day. As a result, graphic designers with serious skills in the area are of high demand. Learn practical graphic designing from one of the most experienced graphic designing institutes in Sharjah.

Courses Included:

Graphic Designing Pro Course in Sharjah - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

In this digital era, job opportunities in the field of advertising and marketing are fairly increasing every day. As a result, graphic designers with serious skills in the area are of high demand. Learn practical graphic designing from one of the most experienced graphic designing institutes in Sharjah.

Courses Included:

Become a Pro Graphic Designer in 2 Months!

Turn your creative skills into a well- paid profession with this practical Graphic designing course in Sharjah.

You will learn to:

Graphic Design skills that are frequently needed in all manner of projects

You will have your own portfolio, you will be able to demonstrate your credibility in your future endeavors.

Master the Different drawing, illustrations tools & techniques used in graphic design

Master the Different drawing & illustrations tools & techniques used in graphic design

You will be able to create a 3d mockups in Adobe dimensions to create stunning package design presentations

Learn how to spark creativity and efficiently use pro designing skills -not just basics.

You will be able to create Book Covers, Package Designs, Digital Assets, Social Media Graphics, Album Art, Magazine Covers and Layout Spreads and more!

Understand and learn the essential tools and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in graphic design

Field Expert Trainers

Training provided by experienced field professionals.

Course Completion Certificate

Certificate approved from Ministry of Education, Sharjah

28+ Years of Excellence in UAE

More than 70000+ happy students

Job Oriented Training

Practical projects based on real time workplace environment.

More Practical & Less Theory

Practical Focused training for skill enhancement

Skills you will gain

Document formatting and layout design
Sheets organization and management
Data visualization and chart creation
Presentation design and delivery skills

Graphic Designing Course 2023 - Overview

In this practical Graphic Designing course in Sharjah designed by Rolla Academy, you will accomplish the following:

  1. Give you a firm in-depth understanding and practical knowledge on Graphic Designing.
  2.  Throughout the course period, you will learn to implement different designing concepts and techniques in real time examples as per the current industry trends.
  3. You will also gain hands on  experience skills and build your Graphic design portfolio with 10+ creative artworks and designs. This course will help you in reaching your creative and designing potential in the most fun and interactive way. 

If you are hoping to pursue a position in creative designing, or learn  but don’t know where to begin, then this course is your first step. In the practical graphic designing course, we have tailored a syllabus that trains you from scratch to pro with creative problem-solving assignments. As a result, you will be confident enough to implement what you had learnt in real life scenarios.

The Graphic designing online and offline programs conducted at Rolla Academy will begin from the fundamentals. With our well-structured syllabus, you will master your creativity and designing skills with the 3 most industry-relevant graphic designing softwares. Therefore, it will be preparing you to become an expert graphic designer in less than 3 months. This package includes the following: 

1. Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Illustrator

3. Adobe InDesign

Classes Schedule

Daily classes
Alternate Days

Modes of Training

Live online
Hybrid mode

Admission Eligibility

Oral Assessment
Written Assessment
Computer Skills

Learning Path - Graphic Designing Training Curriculum



Fundamentals of Graphic Designing

In the beginning, you will learn and understand the concepts of the main principles of graphic design. This includes color theory, typography, shapes, contrast, negative spacing and other important elements. All these put together can bring out eye-catching artwork.



Adobe Photoshop

In this course, you will learn how to use Photoshop for photography, digital art, graphic design and much more. You will learn drawing techniques, photo composition and manipulation, color-correction, color grading and more to create cool postures, artworks, content for social media , signboard designs, website banners and much more.



Adobe Illustrator

In Illustrator, you will gain skills in vector drawing and illustrating your designs. Logos, cartoon illustrations, concept art,  technical illustrations, package and publication designs, flyers, brochures, info-graphics, marketing ads are some of the creative practicals that will master in this course.



Adobe InDesign

This course of the Graphic designing package program, you will learn about working with digital and print publications. You will learn to design and work on E-newspapers, E-magazines, Articles, Catalogs, Annual Reports, Books, Newsletters and more.

Graphic Designing Student Reviews

Graphic Designing Program -FAQ'S

Graphic Designing is recommended if you are:

  1. a secondary and higher secondary student passionate about pursuing any creative career.
  2. a college/ university student or graduate looking for part time or entry level jobs in the graphic designing field. 
  3. a working professional who have some idea in operating the softwares but need the best techniques and technical knowledge to implement them efficiently in their work. 
  4. anyone who wants to become a master in the graphic designing and freelance your services to land potential clients.

Upon completion of the Graphic Designing online or offline course, you will gain confidence in your creative and artistic skills. You will be prepared for any kind of Graphic Designing jobs.  You will also receive approved certificates from SPEA (Sharjah Private Education Authority)  or the course completion certificate from Rolla Academy. This will serve as a authentic proof of your skills in Graphic Design.

Not only is the demand for skilled graphic designers huge, they are also one of the most well paid professionals in the creative industry. A typical graphic designer in the UAE can earn from a salary scale of range dhs 5000 – dhs 10000 per month depending on their experience in the field.

At Rolla Academy, we prepare our students to be the most skilled graphic designers from the beginning. The course is designed to train you from the basic fundamentals of graphic designing including imagemaking, typography, composition, working with colors and shapes, etc. – that is the foundational skills that you will need to understand during your areas of graphic design practicals. Then, we will be moving on to train you in the 3 most important and highly used graphic designing softwares in the UAE. You will receive constructive and useful training with the necessary practical skills required for each program to take up the job.

After completion of the course, students will be able to work with the following:

  • Edit and manipulate various types of images .
  • Plan designs and bring out various kinds of brochures, business flyers, business and invitation cards.
  • Design different types of postures for your business social media platforms.
  • Work with vector graphics and cartoon drawings.
  • Create logos and marketing collaterals.
  • Draft and publish newsletters, e-books and magazines.
  • You are getting paid for being creative.

  • You have opportunities to work from anywhere in the world even if you are working for the same company.

  • You be the boss. You can offer your services to companies as a freelancer or set up your own advertising agency perhaps. You can create your own name as a commercial brand by showcasing your artistic skills and previous campaigns.

  • You have got wide job opportunities to choose from – a graphic artist, graphic artworker, UI/UX designer, creative director, illustrator artist, information architect, brand identity designer, etc.

  • Graphic Designing is everywhere you look. Therefore, all types of industries will require your services.

  • Your career is not just professional but also fun to work with. It never get boring!

You must have basic computer skills with hands on experience in operating with Microsoft Windows OS. If you need to still acquire these skills, check out our course on Basic Computer with Microsoft Office Package Training program.If you are attending the course from our premises, we have all the facilities at our labs. Each student will be placed with an individual computer system to work on with the graphic design softwares during their practical sessions.If you are attending the graphic designing course online, it is recommended to have a good computer system with excellent speed and graphics. You must also have internet connection to attend the sessions live from the comfort of your own home.

Graphic designing career choices are versatile. As a result, there is a lot to choose from as all businesses will be in need of your services. It can range from designing logos, webpages, flyers, newsletters, magazine content layout and cover pages, marketing materials and much more. You can attain various job opportunities such as:

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Logo designer
  • Brand Identity designer
  • Photo editing and manipulation


Web designing practical course

Blended Mode Training option

Attend Theory part of the course from home and attend classroom training for practicals if required

Get training from Industry professionals

Experienced industry based practitioners who can guide you through with the best practices.

Learn from the comfort of your own space.

Build real time IT based skills from literally anywhere in the world.

Interactive Training Limitted students per bactch

Maximum 8 Students per batch to enable better communication with the trainer








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