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The Microsoft Office course trains students to use its suite of applications. These apps are designed to help with productivity and completing common tasks on a computer. By taking up the Ms Office course in Sharjah at Rolla Academy, students will be able to use Microsoft Office to its full potential and be able to complete their office assignments more efficiently.


Get Practical Ms Office Training from the best Microsoft Institute in Sharjah

The Ms Office Course Curriculum includes the essentials of all 3 main office applications along with focus on its real time usage at work.

You will learn to:

Work practically with all the 3 main applications of Ms Office - Ms Word, Ms Excel & Ms PowerPoint.

Design attractive presentations and implement different animation techniques in PowerPoint.

Create Simple formal or informal letters, stunning resumes, manipulating images & graphics, working with text or image formatting & tables in Ms Word.

Create simple & complex students information records, income expense sheets, use absolute addressing concept in real time spreadsheets, work with Excel data types, types of graphs & charts in Ms Excel.

Navigate through the workspace of the Ms office applications fluently.

Gain typing speed in English or Arabic with up to 50 wpm.

Field Expert Trainers

Training provided by experienced field professionals.

Course Completion Certificate

Certificate approved from Ministry of Education, Sharjah

28+ Years of Excellence in UAE

More than 70000+ happy students

Job Oriented Training

Practical projects based on real time workplace environment.

More Practical & Less Theory

Practical Focused training for skill enhancement

Skills you will gain

Document formatting and layout design
Sheets organization and management
Data visualization and chart creation
Presentation design and delivery skills

Ms Office Training -Overview

ms office course in sharjah

Microsoft Office Course covers a group of software applications which is widely used for various office task completion purposes. MS office automation course provides flexible and easier methods to present and handle information. Rolla Academy offers the most practical and job-oriented Ms office course in Sharjah. We provide this Microsoft office training program for beginners with little or no computer background. Our instructors will train you up to a level where you will ultimately be able to put them to use in your day-to-day office tasks. Since Ms Office is a default application used for office type jobs, it is the most important course you should take up.

Microsoft Office Training is focused on teaching various office job related tasks by using different tools. In MS Office Certification course each of the applications is used to handle a particular function. For example, if you want to create simple yet stunning document like a letter or a resume, Microsoft Word can get the job done for you. Suppose there is an office meeting coming up and you would like to demonstrate your ideas to your clients. Then Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool to make amazing presentations. Likewise, you can organize your emails or manage your databases. Even your company income and expense sheets can be maintained and monitored well. In other words, Microsoft Office Suite gives you a range of useful applications that will get your data sorted in no time. If you want to master these essential tools professionally, then enrol now with the best MS office training institute in Sharjah

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Admission Eligibility

Prior knowledge of using a Windows computer is expected, while experience with printing and web browsing is helpful but not necessary.

Classes Schedule

Daily classes
Alternate Days

Modes of Training

Live online
Hybrid mode



Introduction to Computer & basic Windows Navigation

This course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in computer basics and navigation skills. The course covers essential topics such as computer hardware, software, and operating systems, as well as the basics of using a Windows-based computer. Students will learn how to navigate the Windows operating system, manage files and folders, use basic applications, and customize their desktop environment.



Speed Typing

This module focuses on helping students improve their typing speed and accuracy. The course covers essential topics such as proper typing posture, finger placement, and typing techniques. Students will learn how to increase their typing speed and accuracy through a series of exercises, drills, and timed tests.



MS Word

Throughout the course, learners will be introduced to the different features of the Word interface, learn how to create a basic document, and gain an understanding of Word’s most important tools. By the end of the course, learners should be able to apply the necessary techniques to produce high-quality, professional documents, including complex documents that incorporate tables, charts, references, and various types of illustrations.



MS Excel

The course aims to introduce you to Microsoft Excel, a powerful and user-friendly spreadsheet program that offers a comprehensive range of tools for organizing, analyzing, presenting, and storing data. If you have basic familiarity with Excel, you can take your skills to the next level, and if you are a beginner, you can acquire essential Excel skills.



MS PowerPoint

You’ll learn how to create a basic presentation, format it, and add multimedia elements to enhance it. If you’re already familiar with PowerPoint’s basic features, this course will help you advance your skills further. By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable with customizing PowerPoint’s user interface, templates, and animations, as well as utilizing collaboration tools to improve teamwork. You’ll also be able to secure and distribute your presentation.

Ms Office Training - Student Reviews

Nathaniel Quayson
Security Guard, Emirates Mall
Read More
"At Rolla Academy, I gained my experience in MS OFFICE, the place is very serene and conducive for learning, the lecturers are very helpful they will make you understand whatever you don't understand. I will recommend Rolla Academy a thousand times to anyone who wishes to learn"
Tayyaba Shahzadi
High School Teacher, IHS Dubai
Read More
"I learned a lot from this course really happy to complete it. Mostly I learned how to make good presentations, basics of computers, software and gimp, etc... I enjoyed doing this course. Teachers are really helpful and cooperative. Overall the experience is helpful and wonderful"
Ardra Vineesh
BBA Graduate, Bharathiar University
Read More
"This is one of the best computer institutes in Sharjah. I was under the guidance of (Mr Ali ) sir , he is a very knowledgeable person. The timings are also very flexible. I am totally satisfied with this institute. I really thank Rolla computer institute team & ALI sir for the great support & guidance☺"
Raghu Raman
BA Hons. Business & Finance Graduate, UWS
Read More
"This is a good place to learn about computer software and applications. I joined here for MS-excel and tally classes. the instructor here is very helpful in clearing all doubts, and he teach the subject very fast and easily. now i am able to do the work very easily. this is very helpful for my work. Mr. Ali helps me learn the subjects easily and in a very short time. thank you, Rolla computers. :)"
Abdullah Al Halimi
Higher School Student, Salman Al Faris Pvt School, Sharjah
Read More
" Wonderful institute that taught me a lot of programs. Thanks to all the staff working on it. Many thanks to the professor for teaching me to use the computer and the MS office programs, and to professor, Mr. Ahmed as well who taught me English. I feel I became more fluent and professional in speaking English."
Varsha Patel
House Wife
Read More
"I've learned the MS-Office course here, excellent teaching and staff. Aisha ma'am is an amazing teacher, I've learned a lot under her guidance, and I'd highly recommend Rolla Institute. If I would've got to know about Rolla Institute earlier, I would've enrolled my daughter for learning Python (programming language in her grade 11 & 12) here."

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Microsoft Office Course covers some of the most used office software like Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Office course in Sharjah comes with additional subjects like Touch typing, Computer Fundamentals and Windows Operations. 

This course is beneficial for the following categories:

  • School students with primary education above age 10.
  • School students with secondary and higher secondary education.
  • College and university students looking for entry-level or part-time jobs in office administration.
  • Anyone who is a beginner to computers or MS office applications and wants to learn from scratch.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their existing office skills.
  • Anyone who wants to work and familiarize themselves with the same application of higher versions.

Office administrative professionals with technical abilities are of high demand as they have a strong and intensive part in the successful management of a company or business. After enrolling  for the Ms office training course in Sharjah, you will be able to handle the standard office administrative works of any kind of organization, be it  a legal office, medical office, education institution, etc.

Rolla Academy’s Microsoft Office professional training course will help you gain useful outcomes in the following areas:

  • Build accuracy and speed in your typing skills.
  • Have a thorough understanding of computer fundamentals, its working and useful updates on Ms Windows.
  • Prepare essential office documents in Ms word including articles, written project reports, quizzes, question papers for school and university examinations, official documents, etc.
  • Gather, manipulate and organize data into useful information using Ms- Excel. It can include maintaining student databases of small schools and institutions, attendance of students of a particular class, employee details, quotation, invoices, analytic reports of a particular business’s income and expenses which are of small and medium enterprises, etc.
  • Develop creative and mind-blowing presentations of your ideas and concepts in client meetings with Ms PowerPoint.
  • More than 90% of companies in the world use Microsoft Office applications to get their office works completed.
  • It is widely used for sharing or presenting information nowadays in various sectors, whether you are into education, management consultation, health, finance, etc. Therefore, you will need to have essential working knowledge in the major Microsoft Office tools so that you can keep up to the mark with the current job market.
  • Microsoft has provided countless number of useful features within their software applications which has built trust and security among various companies.
  • The software interfaces are also highly user-friendly which makes it easier to learn its working and usage.

There is no particular prerequisite for this course. Anyone who wants to learn to use the applications from scratch can enrol for this Microsoft Office Course. Individuals who have no background in computers or IT can get started with this course.

The demand for office professionals with excellent computer knowledge and administrative skills is extremely high. Companies with remote working facilities also require office administrators who can collaborate virtually with their clients. Some of the positions you can apply and take up for are as follows:

  • Personal Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Data entry specialist
  • Database specialist
  • Executive Assistant and much more.

Ms Office can be provided in various format including standard, professional and advanced levels. Course fee ranges from 500 AEd to 1500 Aed

Ms office course duration depends on course levels. 

Ms office course Standard package = 30Hours.

MS Office Professional = 40 Hours

Ms Office Advanced = 60 Hours

We Provide unlimited practical hours with Ms Office Professional Course.

Live online Instructor Led Training

Web designing practical course

Blended Mode Training option

Attend Theory part of the course from home and attend classroom training for practical if required.

Get training from Industry professionals

Experienced industry-based practitioners who can guide you through with the best practices.

Batch size is limited for interactive training

For better communication with the trainer, 8 students per batch are permitted.

Learn from the comfort of your own space.

From literally anywhere in the world, you can build real-time IT skills.

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