7 Steps you should take to score a perfect band 9 in IELTS

Didn’t like how Candice pronounced Epitome (It’s pronounced “uh-pi-tuh-mee” FYI) and when you tried to correct her pronunciation, you found out that she has a band score of 8.8 in IELTS and you need to top that so that she and your colleagues will finally acknowledge you and your English speaking skills? You have come to the right place. Now that you have booked for your IELTS exam, What are the possible steps you need to follow in order to score a band 9 for your upcoming IELTS Examination?

Disclaimer; without adequate preparation, it is not advisable to book for the test at all. Simply put “a goal without a plan, is only a dream” -Brian Tracy. Those who don’t prepare at all will face situations, dissatisfying situations. Blanking out in the examination hall is one common problem you can definitely face, due to lack of preparation. After somehow completing your I.E.L.T.S test, you start contemplating on why you paid a lot (The exam is not cheap) without thinking about preparing and studying for the test properly.

There is no magic shortcut you can do in a week before your IELTS exam, especially if it’s your first time and trying to score that band 9 in IELTS. Like any exam, its practice and the ability to effectively prepare with a consistent study plan. In this blog, we help you understand the steps you can follow to achieve the top score easily and more efficiently.

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7 Best steps to follow to gain a band score of 9 in I.E.L.T.S:

1. Read and Listen to English Everyday

Yes, you have been speaking english since you were four and you are pretty good at it. Nonetheless, there is always something you don’t know and vocabularies you are not yet aware of. There is always room for improvement. This is a major step students who had scored 8 bands and above do everyday. They find time to read or listen to simple English stories, articles, newspapers or even entertaining TV shows.

Some movie and documentary recommendations to develop I.E.L.T.S Listening skills are listed below:

1.Harry Potter (film series)

2.Pride and Prejudice (2005)

3. Frozen (2013)

4.The Lion King (1994)

5.Toy Story

6. The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

7. The Holiday (2006)

8. A Plastic Ocean (2016)

9. BBC Life (2009-2013)

10. Planet Earth (2006)

You are not only developing your reading or listening skills, but you are subconsciously learning new vocabulary, proverbs, metaphors, improving your pronunciation as well as grammar.  You develop a  new understanding on where vocabularies should be used, how to not phrase sentences and subconsciously develop your reading and listening skills mainly through observation. 

Find quality consistent timings to practice reading and listening. Say every morning for 15 minutes, read the news or while you are on the bus, on your way to work, listen to a podcast.  It will save you the trouble of stockpiling 5 to 6 hours of learning few days before your I.E.L.T.S test.

Try to focus on what you are reading or listening to. Whether it is your favorite podcast, the daily news or a book, assess yourself after reading or listening and you will slowly notice yourself improving on a regular basis. 

2. Keep it Simple

Another common step most of our students who had scored 9 or 8 bands follow is the art of keeping their language usage simple whether it comes to attending any of the 4 areas of IELTS. Using phrases and expressions that you are not well aware of during your IELTS exams can only make things worse by lowering your score to a huge scale. This is because when you try to incorporate vocabulary or expressions that are complex to you, there are high chances of yourself making grammatical mistakes which will in turn reduce your points. So, it is essential that you use standard and easy language throughout your IELTS test to get a band 8 or 9 score.

3. Follow a specific source of information that you can trust

There are multiple ways to tackle an IELTS task irrespective of the 4 sections. But you will not be using all these methods to crack each of the tasks during your test. Obviously, you will follow one solution to your problem. Therefore, follow one method of tackling your questions with one particular source, be it a trainer, a book, a course, an IELTS Video or blog that you can trust. So, how will you identify if these sources are trustable and right for you. Go check out their past success stories, investigate into their details quickly and get started with it without any further hesitation. Therefore, the next important step to score a band 9 in IELTS is to stick to following one consistent source of information rather than confusing yourself with way too many methods.

4. Be consistent with your preparation

Those students who had scored band 8 and above would never tell you that they had just gone through some IELTS YouTube videos a few days before their IELTS exams. They would never tell you that they had just run through a few blogs on certain tips and guidance about cracking their IELTS Test. Infact, they were always consistent with their IELTS Practice tests. They might have gone through a systematic exercise for a short time regularly within a long time period. 

You can spend atleast 2 hours of IELTS Practice on a well -planned and structured schedule. Therefore, you will be able to notice that you are able to implement the strategies you had worked on for your tests like flowing water.

5. Figure out your study plan

Create a plan sheet for a particular period of time so that you will be aware of what you have to practice and work on everyday. This way you will have a firm study plan on what and how you will be approaching your practice tests on a regular basis. You will not have to break your head regularly thinking what you have to prepare on for the day just to fill up the space.

An example of a sample plan sheet is shown below. This can help you map out your goals with the tasks set on a regular basis.

This is also a useful step that can help you understand how well you are progressing day by day. It is also recommended to improve your English language skills to a fluent level before giving your IELTS Exams a shot. That is, work on your foundation before moving to the building part else it doesn’t make any logic.

6. Identify your weaknesses and  work on it

We all love to work on our strengths and avoid our weaknesses. This is because it gives us the natural feeling of satisfaction from what we do. But what about the areas that we are constantly lagging in? How can we sort out our weak areas?

There is only one solution to this matter. Take your specific weak area into consideration and keep working on it with systematic practice and assessment. It can be your grammatical issues, sentence formation, pronunciation, vocabulary or others. 

Spend atleast 15-20 minutes on these minute specific weak areas. This way you will be able to strengthen them up and implement them well in your IELTS tests.

7. Do it practically instead of just reading it

Last but not the least, never think that just by looking into IELTS exam saving tips and strategies , you can score a band 9 in the test. Nope, this is just a misconception. No matter how good you are in the language, you still have high chances  of getting a lower band score if the above 6 mentioned steps are not being followed.

Implement the tips and strategies in your practice papers instead of just keeping it to yourself. Get feedback from your instructors and replan your strategies. This way, you can crack your IELTS Test in a more efficient and timely manner. This is the step that you should seriously take not of as its clearly true that without knowing your ABC’S, theres no way you can do the rest.

Follow these main 7 steps, work on them and definitely you will be able to score a band 9 on your IELTS Test. If you have got any other relevant steps that can help our audience get a 9 band score in IELTS, do post your comments below. Cheers!

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