Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign Is A Powerful Publishing Application That Lets You Work The Way You Want To Work. You Can Use Indesign As A Free-Form But Manual Approach To Layout, Or As A Structured But Easily Revised Approach. Indesign Can Handle Sophisticated Tasks, Such As Magazine And Newspaper Page Layout, But Its Simple Approach To Publishing Also Makes It A Good Choice For Smaller Projects, Such As One-Off Ads And Fliers.

Our Key Features

Experienced & Professional Trainers
Certification Questions & Answers
Assingments & Case Studies
Confiquration Materials Soft-Copy
Cloud Server Access
Recorded Session Videos

Course Structure

  • Getting Started With Adobe Indesign
  • The Basic Screen Components
  • Setting Preferences
  • Understanding Indesign Tools
  • Working With Panels
  • Setting Up, Managing Pages And Layouts
  • Open, Save & Export Publications
  • Creating And Managing Layers
  • Working With Pages And Sections
  • Working With Colors & Swatches
  • Creating Objects
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Arranging Objects
  • Working With Templates
  • Master Pages And Libraries
  • Creating, Threading Text & Text Frames
  • Text & Paragraph Features And Effects
  • Using Bullets, Numbering & Follow Path
  • Working With Graphics In Indesign
  • Setting Up Tabs And Tables
  • Indexes, Footnotes & Table Of Contents
  • Creating Color Swatches & Mixed Colors
  • Tints, Gradients & Gradient Swatches
  • Importing & Exporting Swatches
  • Creating & Reshaping Frames &Shapes
  • Drawing Lines And Paths
  • Stroke And Stroke Appearance, Styles
  • Transformations In Objects
  • Rotation, Shearing, Flipping Objects
  • Transparency And Lighting Effects
  • Shadows & Feather Effects
  • Grouping & Locking Objects
  • Introduction To Object Styles
  • Managing Links
  • Working With Grids & Guides
  • Introduction To Books
  • Working With Chapters In Books
  • Using Text Variables & Section Markers
  • Introduction To Hyperlinks
  • Choosing Print Options & Output
  • Exporting PDF Files And Web Formats

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