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| Python Programming - Standard Course

practical python standard training course sharjah

Python is a general-purpose, versatile, and powerful programming language. Its preferred above other programming languages because it’s concise and easy to read. It is used in various technological areas from web development to machine learning, data science or even artificial intelligence. The demand for programmers with Python skills is growing everyday in the IT Job Market. It is the most popular language opted among various programmers and developers. Rolla Academy provides instructive Python training classes to those interested students who would like to upgrade thier programming and development skills in which ever field it may be.


This course is beneficial for the following categories:

  • High school and college students in the computer science field, who wish to excel in their academics or upgrade their programming skills.
  • Graduates and Postgraduates in Computer Science or Computer Engineering looking for practical and job oriented programming skills to widen their scope for better job opportunities.
  • Programmers or developers who wish to learn a new language and upgrade thier career.
  • Induviduals or beginners to python who would like to pursue a career in fields such as machine learning, data analysis, artificial intelligience or web developmenet

After the completion of the Python programming standard course for beginners, you will gain strong foundational programming skills in the language. Thus, you will be able to upgrade your skills by specializing in any of the following areas where Python comes into play with immense importance. It can be web development, artificial intelligence, business and finance, data analysis or machine learning depending on the field of interest you would like to pursue for your career in future. You will also receive Ministry approved certificate as well as the completion certificate from Rolla institutes after the course accomplishment

According to a survey conducted among the professional software developers in 2021, Python has been ranked as the 2nd most popular programming language in the world and the first most highly wanted language this year. Therefore, if you are a beginner programmer, then Python is one of the best languages to get started with. With its uncomplicated syntaxes and simple libraries, it is easy to get into the world of programming by building a firm base in Python and working towards creating something usable.

The Python programming standard course for beginners from Rolla Academy co-developed with our specialized Python Instructors will help you learn to write simple python programs for different problems. As a result, you will gain strong problem solving coding skills in the language. This will help you prepare to choose a specialization where Python is of great demand, in turn building your career in the same.

  • You will understand the standard fundamentals of Python language. Get to know the concepts OOPs in Python, variables, strings, conditional programming, functions, lists, tuples, dictionaries, modules and much more.


  • This course will help you to gain the core skill required to write efficient Python programs.  You will learn to work with common algorithms and programming principles utilizing the standard library distributed with Python. Upon completion, you will  be able to design, code, test and debug standard Python language programs.
  • If you are a first time programmer, then you must give a serious look into Python. The code is easily readable —like writing basic English. It has just the amount of object oriented flavor and looks elegant too. It is the best programming language you can learn as a starter.

  • If you are planning to pursue a career in web application development, you can try Python and Django/Flask. You can work with your coding a lot faster and also make it stable at the same time.

  • With increasing experience in working with Python Programming, it can draw high salaries as it highly demanded in the IT industry.

  • Python has got excellent security features which can definitely minimize cyber-attacks.

  • It is considered as the future of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

You will not require any prerequisite knowledge for this course. All you will need is access to a computer with proper internet connection. We will be working with Python 3 throughout the course which does not require a high system configuration. Installation of the software will be shown during your initial session. If you have basic programming skills, then it is good to take up this course although it is not essential.

Course Highlights


Get professional level training from field based faculties.


We prepare you for the position with the most practical and job oriented training approach.


Get training from one the oldest well known IT educational institutes in the UAE.


Learn at your own pace. Flexible class timings arranged for working students and service professionals.

Learning Path - Python Programming Standard Course syllabus



2 Hours

Introduction to Python

The first module of our Python Programming course for beginners will introduce you to Python 3. We will look into its major features, its development overtime and its impact in various areas of IT. We will go through the installation and setup of Python practically to get started with writing Python Programs.



2 Hours

Programming basic concepts: Variables and Expressions in Python

In this module, you will learn how a program uses the computer’s memory to store, retrieve and calculate information using these two concepts.



6 Hours

Types of statements used in Python

This module will include the different types of statements you will be working with in Python. They are conditional, looping and control statements. You will learn to practically implement these concepts into your programs and debug errors if any in them.



2 Hours

String manipulation

In this section, you will learn to work with different functions of string character to manipulate it to your advantage. You will understand how to access a string, its basic operations and control it using various string functions.



4 Hours

Lists, tuples and dictionaries

This area of our course will introduce you to additional major data structures used in Python. You will learn how to access these data structures, its basic operations, functions and properties. Practical assignments will be provided by the instructor using these concepts to code and debug them.



4 Hours

Functions in Python

This part will introduce you to the usage of functions in Python. You will start with defining and calling function in Python, its various types and different parameters. You will also be introduced to global and local variables.



2 Hours

Modules in Python

This section will show you the files that contain Python statements and definitions. You will learn to import different modules as per your specific requirements and organize them into various packages for effective management of runnable code in modules



4 Hours

OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) Concepts in Python.

In this module, we will be looking into the major concepts of Object oriented programming applicable in Python. This will include, classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, composition, data abstraction, encapsulation and more. Core practicals will be included within this section to give you an in-depth understanding of the working for each concept.



2 Hours

Input-Output Handling

This part will include in depth learning of input and output system of Python. This includes in-built functions to print on your screen, reading data from the keyboard, opening and closing files. This will also incorporate functions for Reading and writing files.



2 Hours

Exception Handling in Python

When an error is detected in the Python scripts, it is called an exception. In this section, you will learn to handle the three exceptions (errors) when running programs in Python.


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