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Computer Hardware Training is actually a Fully focused hands on training to work with  computer systems The Computer Hardware course in Sharjah offered  at Rolla Academy is designed to work with both hardware and operating systems . It gives you the essential knowledge and  practical skills required to help you get a successful entry in the field of computer science and technology. Get training from professionals with 30+ years of field experience with hands on practical learning approach.


Master this Computer Hardware Course and build your future as an IT Professional

The Computer Hardware Training in Sharjah is designed according to the industry standards and the curriculum created by industry experts.

Field Expert Trainers

Training provided by experienced field based professionals

Course Completion Certificate

Certificate approved from Ministry of Education, Sharjah

28+ Years of Excellence in UAE

More than 70000+ happy students

Job Oriented Training

Practicals and projects based on real time workplace environment

More Practicals & Less Theory

Practical Focused training for skill enhancement

Computer Hardware Course - Overview

Computer Hardware

It is an interesting area of information technology and students are actually being introduced to this field starting here.

This course covers essential physical components used in modern PC’s such as monitors, keyboards, mouse, storage devices, sound cards, graphic cards, motherboard and other important components which you will learn in depth after enrolling for the training. You will also learn to assemble these parts correctly, install and support computer hardware, repair and troubleshoot issues when they occur with the parts. Rolla Academy offers computer hardware courses to students with training from professional trainers with over 30+ years of experience in the field. As a practical course, the focus is to impart useful skills with students to enhance ability to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain computer systems.    


This course is highly suggested for the following groups:

  • Students who have completed secondary, higher secondary or college education.
  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science graduates who require firm understanding of Computer Hardware and its practical working.
  • Anyone passionate to learn Computer Hardware from scratch.


Daily classes
Alternate Days

Modes of Training

Live online
Hybrid mode

Admission Eligibility

Oral Assessment
Written Assessment
Computer Skills

You will learn to :

Understand and have a strong conceptual idea of a computer and its fundamentals.

Install and configure Operating systems.

Identify the input, output and storage devices of a computer and understand its working and connections practically.

Get an In depth understanding of the working of the Mother board, Harddisk, SMPS, Processors, and other important components as per the current industry standards

Identify the input, output and storage devices of a computer and understand its working and connections practically.

Work with PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Assemble and Disassemble PC in a proper order.


Career Guidance

CV Update

Car Parking


Bilal Ahmad
Bilal Ahmad
21. November, 2021.
It is an excellent place to improve every type of Training in computer and languages. I got 7 bands in General IELTS . Thanks to Sir Saeed Ahmad's efforts . My result for IELTS was in summer . I feel a great a pleasure to express my respect to institute and trainer Sir Saeed Ahmad.
shasna k
shasna k
10. November, 2021.
Thank you Rolla academy to make me an expert in autocad software.All your sessions was easy to learn and understand.
Sonia Bohr
Sonia Bohr
10. November, 2021.
Hi My name is Sonia I am from Gujrat India. This is the best Institute for IELTS. Some one suggested me and it was close to my apartment in Ajman. I got admission in the year of October 2019 for General IELTS . I wanted to acquire 7 Bands or 6.5 bands for New Zealand as I wanted to settle there with my family.I completed my modules and here Saeed Ahmad Sir guided me a lot. After some months there started CORONA and I had to wait for many months even after completing the course in the Institute. The Institute was closed and I felt I might forget the practice but Sir Saeed already told a way to continue practice at home in 'Lockdown Time' .I am happy that I got 7.5 Bands.I am in New Zealand now. I feel a pleasure to express my views about the Institute and its staff.
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar
9. November, 2021.
My name is Raj Kumar. Right now I am in Canada. Rolla Institute is the best place for IELTS. I got admission in this institute June 2021. I wanted to get 7.5 Bands in Academic IELTS. It seemed very difficult for me to ever achieve as I thought my previous result of University exam was always low in English. But I am really thankful to Sir Saeed Ahmad that he taught me with full attention and with proper understanding of teaching strategy that I got my 7.5 bands in Academic IELTS . Now I have got admission in a Canadian University.THANK
Mansoor Khan
Mansoor Khan
25. October, 2021.
I searched on internet in Sharja. I found this institute I made a visit to this institute for Computer and English Language Training. I am greatly satisfied with institute. Here Saeed Sir teaches us English. He is very cooperative with us.I like the institute.
saba hashmi
saba hashmi
25. October, 2021.
I'm saba hashmi, I completed here MS office course.they have nice and flexible study hours and very competent instructors. Mr Nisar and Mr Ali are such a professional and nice instructors.
Sooraj k nair
Sooraj k nair
22. October, 2021.
The classes were good and the teacher Mr nisar has indept knowledge about the subjects and his teaching abilities are exquisite. I completed Ms Office under his guidance at rolla Institute.
محمد الحالمي
محمد الحالمي
21. October, 2021.
A wonderful institute that taught me a lot of programs. Thank you to all the staff working on it Many thanks to the professor for teaching me the computer, and many thanks to the professor, Mr. Ahmed, who taught me English, and I became fluent and professional in English, even a computer
Md Parves
Md Parves
20. October, 2021.
I went to Rolla Academy to learn English by searching on Google, from where I was able to learn very good English.I have improved a lot in speaking, writing, listening and reading English. Thanks to Rolla Academy.. Special Thanks to my teacher,, He teaches me in a very good way.. " SAEED SIR " thank you so much... 🤗🤗♥

Computer Hardware Course -FAQ'S

  • Anyone interested to pursue a career in the computer hardware field.
  • Individuals who wish to get a good understanding of the computer hardware essentials and technologies.
  • Computer Science graduates, post graduates or diploma holders who wish to move with a career in computer hardware and networking.
  • Computer Engineering graduates or post graduates interested to move to the field of computer hardware and networking.


  • Computers have become an integral part of a workplace in the 21st century, so not knowing basic troubleshooting and fixing simple problems in a computer can be a great disadvantage for job seekers.   
  • You do not need a hardware technician to come and repair your computer at home or your office as you will already be familiar with its components and major trouble shooting techniques.    
  • It is an opening for you to the world of information technology on which you can build your career and widen your job opportunities.
  • The Computer Hardware course at Rolla Academy also acts as a foundation course for other global certifications in information technology like CCNA, COMPTIA A+, Windows Server 2012 and other IT based certifications.

Anyone who is interested in taking up an online marketing career can sign up for this program.

  • Higher secondary graduated students looking for entry-level jobs in the digital marketing field.
  • Graduates and post graduates in computer science, computer engineering, Business management and commerce.
  • Any working professional who wants to effectively handle the digital marketing and social media activities of thier business from scratch.

You should have the normal computer and internet navigation skills to build a profession in digital marketing.  If you have got skills in graphic designing, multimedia or web designing, then this is an additional recommended skill to backup your career.

In today’s job market, digital marketing is one of the most essential in demand skill across the globe. Therefore, recognizing the importance of this area, brands and businesses put in extra efforts to support their digital marketing activities. As a result, the need for digital marketing skills is very high, hence creating a wide range of versatile career opportunities in the market space. 

You get multiple career choices to choose from and also a better pay. If you have got a business, then you can also take care of the digital marketing activities of your company or brand. Therefore, you will be able to cut down costs as well.

Since this course is 100% practical based , you will be prepared to take up a job in any of the given 10 most important domains of digital marketing included in our mastery course. 

  1. Firstly, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website.
  2. Secondly, you will be able to get your page to rank higher on the search results page using various SEO techniques.
  3. Thirdly, you will be able to manage your business on the most important social media platforms in an organized manner.
  4. Fourth, you will be able to generate amazing user generated content.
  5. Ultimately, you will see a steady increase in your sales revenue compared to your past years.

Live online Instructor Led Training

Hardware Training

Blended Mode Training option

Attend Theory part of the course from home and attend classroom training for practicals if required

Get training from Industry professionals

Experienced industry based practitioners who can guide you through with the best practices.

Learn from the comfort of your own space.

Build real time IT based skills from literally anywhere in the world.

Interactive Training Limitted students per bactch

Maximum 8 Students per batch to enable better communication with the trainer

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