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We prepare you for the IELTS Examination with the latest IELTS preparation materials and mock tests. We ensure that the candidate is prepared to attend the IELTS test with confidence .


Get training from one the oldest well known IELTS Training institutes in the UAE.


Learn at your own pace. Flexible class timings arranged for working students and service professionals.

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IELTS Examination Training Overview

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It evaluates the English language abilities of individuals who would want to move to English speaking countries. If you are looking to gain an excellent band score for your IELTS Test, then our IELTS preparation course can provide you the complete guide to crack your IELTS Exams. Rolla Academy is one of the leading IELTS Training institutes in Sharjah for all level of students. IELTS becomes essential when you are looking for the following:

  • Higher education in UAE Universities or abroad.
  • Seeking better job opportunities in English speaking countries or within your area.
  • Migration purposes.

Our IELTS Coaching can help you gain better English mastery skills as well as help you excel in your IELTS exams with your desired band score.

IELTS Test is categorized into two types:

IELTS Training- General :

For those who wish to migrate to English Speaking countries. you wish to enroll for secondary education, look for jobs or other training programs. There is also a huge demand for IELTS Certified candidates of various job sectors in the UAE. Therefore, it brings up an excellent opportunity to show ones skills in the language.

IELTS Training- Academic:

For those who wish to move to English Speaking countries mainly for higher education such as college or university studies. Some Universities in the UAE also require IELTS certification for admission procedures.

IELTS Preparation Course Description

Our IELTS Training programs prepare students for both General and Academic Exams according to their requirements. It gets you ready for all 4 sections of the test. We make sure that you get trained with the best techniques and skills to attend the exam with confidence. These practical strategies had worked very well for all our students who had applied them for their real tests.  We have assisted more than thousands of students who had attained scores of Band 7-9, leaping from band 6 to 7.5 and even 8.5. We also provide more than 20+ assignments during the course period to ensure that you gain maximum practice before attending the test. It will also help you achieve the best score in your first attempt.

There are four skills in IELTS which will be tested regardless of the training type given below as follows:


General Reading:

 In this section, questions are formed from the extracts of books, magazines, notices, company handbooks, advertisements, etc. To sum up, these texts are gathered from materials which we are likely to face in an English Speaking environment.

Academic Reading:

 In this section, questions are formed from long texts of books, journals, newspapers and magazines. These are topics which are appropriate for students entering a university or seeking professional registration.

Number of questions(general / academic) : 40

Test duration : 60 minutes


General Writing

In this section, tasks are based on general interests. For instance, the first task is writing a letter in formal or informal style depending on the situation presented. The second task asks the students to write  an essay in response to a given argument or problem describing their views and opinions.

Academic Writing

In this section, there will be 4 recordings. During this test, you will have to answer a series of questions. The tasks can be in the form of multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labeling, form/note/table/flowchart summary completion or sentence completion.

Listening tasks remain the same for General and Academic tests.

Number of questions: 40

Test duration : 11-14 minutes


In this section, there will be 3 parts. During this test, you will have to answer the ielts examiner’s questions. The questions can be related to general topics, opinions about particular subjects or even questions related to your views.

Speaking tasks remain the same for General and Academic tests.

Number of questions: 3

Test duration : 11-14 minutes


In this section, there will be 4 recordings. During this test, you will have to answer a series of questions. The tasks can be in the form of multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labeling, form/note/table/flowchart summary completion or sentence completion.

Listening tasks remain the same for General and Academic tests.

Number of questions: 40

Test duration : 11-14 minutes

Live Instructor Led IELTS Preparation Course Online


Focus on structured course outline

Well developed industry based curriculum according to current market standards.

Get training from Industry professionals

Experienced industry based practitioners who can guide you through with the best practices.

Learn from the comfort of your own space.

Build real time skills from literally anywhere in the world.

Learn to implement practical learning.

Gain practical and job oriented coaching with hands of experience coaching.

In conclusion, if you think you belong to any of these categories, then there is no need to wait any further. Attaining your expected score in IELTS is not necessarily a very easy task. We will be assisting you throughout the course period with proper instruction and guidance using our expert IELTS Exam preparation approach. Register for the top IELTS training classes in Sharjah at Rolla Academy. Get started today!


Sales Manager
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"Rolla computer institute has got an excellent IELTS trainer Ms Jacqueline, her teaching style and method has helped me pass IELTS TEST with band 7. Would recommend to those who find it difficult to choose institutes and who wants to be successful in clearing IELTS. Keep it up..👍`"
Ali Ahamed
MBA Graduate
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"One of the oldest institutes in UAE, providing very good training to students. Their training in IELTS focuses equally on all 4 sections which gives us an idea about what we can expect for our IELTS Test.I always talk a lot about them since they are great and we get the real training for our payment. My big salute to the institute team!!"
Huda Nasreen
High School Graduate
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"I had taken Ielts course from this institution online, the trainer is very concerned about her students studies, teaching methods are great and easy to go with. I am satisfied with the training and happy that i have chosen this institution."
Adam Thomas
High School Graduate
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"I recommend this institution, especially for those who want to fix their grammar along with their IELTS preparation classes. The trainers are very focused and the management takes good efforts to arrange the classes flexibly for the working students. Happy to join here!"
Jasleen Kaur
High School Graduate
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"With the help of Mrs Jacqline, I could get an overall 8 band in my IELTS Academic Exams. I'm really happy with my results and all credit goes to the trainer and the management team." Thank you !

IELTS Preparation Course -FAQ'S

This course is beneficial for the following categories:

  • Anyone who wants to pass IELTS General or Academic Exams.
  • Students done with their higher secondary education and looking forward to study abroad.
  • Graduates and post-graduates who wish to study or look for better job opportunities in English speaking countries or within their native area.
    Working professionals who wish to upgrade their English language skills to a certification level.
  • Firstly, experienced instructors will always provide you with the best training along with useful tips and strategies to crack each module of your IELTS Test. Therefore, we will get you trained from certified native speakers with 12+ years of experience in the field.
  • Secondly, We offer training according to your English level skills. As a result, it gives you a chance to pass your IELTS Exams even if you have an average or low English level.
  • Practice makes a man perfect! So, we provide course materials and exercises as assignments to students during the course period to ensure maximum practice . In addition to this, we also offer free mock tests. Therefore, we make sure that you get well prepared for a real IELTS Examination environment.
  • After the completion of this course, it will help  to give you a competitive edge while applying for jobs or higher studies in universities.
  • Moreover, this course will be of great investment for you future career.

The main objective of this IELTS Preparation course in Sharjah is to prepare you for your IELTS Examination with the best band score possibly you can attain. Our expert IELTS Trainers will help prepare you with the top best strategies to crack your IELTS test with confidence. Our teaching methods will help students familiarize themselves with the IELTS exam structure and the questions they can expect for the test.

  • Understand the IELTS Test format. Therefore, you will be familiar with reading, writing, listening and speaking sections and its various task types.
  • Use the tips and strategies given during your training period. As a result, you will be able to apply them while working with each of the tasks in all four sections.
  • Learn to include and apply good vocabulary and grammar skills for all the four sections during your IELTS test.
  • You would have practiced quite a number of Mock tests with us. Therefore, you can similarly expect the type of tasks that can come up for your IELTS Test.
  • It is always a huge investment for your career.
  • It gives you a competitive edge while applying for jobs or for higher studies at the best universities.
  • Sharpens your English language skills to next level.
  • It is a certification recognized worldwide by thousands of institutions around the globe.
  • The IELTS Test results truly reflect your overall English language capabilities.

There is no particular prerequisite for this course. It is recommeded to have good english communication skills for better preparation.

Yes, we do take IELTS training online. We offer live online instructor led training for our IELTS Preparation course to students and working professionals who would not be able to make it for the IELTS classes happening at our premises.

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