Visual Basic is a powerful tool used by the professionals for creating customized and system programs or softwares. Now a day industry requires smart, capable and brilliant programmers or software professionals. You can be one of them through this module. This course features all the new oops and event driven programming techniques of visual basic 6 with a live project/software.

Our Key Features

Experienced & Professional Trainers
Certification Questions & Answers
Assignments & Case Studies
Configuration Materials Soft-Copy
Cloud Server Access
Recorded Session Videos

Course Structure

  • Overview of Programming Languages
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Algorithms and Flow Charting
  • Getting Started
  • Screen Elements of Visual Basic
  • Introduction to Containers or Forms
  • Layouts & Code Windows
  • Object Properties & Events
  • Introduction to Variables & Constants
  • Data Types in Visual Basic
  • Labels and Command Buttons
  • Text Boxes, Frames and Shapes
  • Check Boxes & Option Buttons
  • Combo Boxes, List Boxes & Scroll Bars
  • Drive, Dir and File Lists
  • Timer, Image & Picture Boxes
  • Accessing Properties through Code
  • Writing Programs through Events
  • Overview of Statements
  • IF Conditions in Visual Basic
  • Simple & Compound IF Statements
  • IF…Else Ladders and Nesting of Loops
  • Select Case Statements
  • Go Sub, Return, Go To, OnError Statements
  • Overview of Looping in Programming
  • While Statement and Visual Basic
  • Do…While, Do…Until, For…Next
  • With…End with, For Each…Next
  • Numeric Functions of VB
  • Date and String Functions
  • Boolean and Misc Functions of VB
  • User Defined Functions
  • Procedures of Visual Basic
  • Call By Value & Call By Ref Parameters
  • Form, Standard Modules of Visual Basic
  • Single User Interfaces
  • Multiple User Interfaces and Visual Basic
  • Arrays & Control Arrays
  • Menus, Toolbar, Status Bar & Grid Controls
  • Other Components & References
  • Data Access through Visual Data Manager
  • Creating Databases & Tables in MS Access
  • DAO, RDO, ADO Methods for Connection
  • Creating Reports in Visual Basic
  • Introduction to Classes, Dlls & Controls
  • Live Project in Visual Basic

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