VAT Training CourseVAT is expected to be implemented on 1 Jan 2018. Our Preparation courses for VAT   will help you to learn the principles of VAT, and its impact on individuals and businesses in the UAE. Training Conducted by Ministry approved Trainer.

Course Structure

Concept and motive of VAT

Input and Output VAT

Supplies,Goods and Services

Taxable Supplies

Reduce rated Supplies

Zero rated Supplies

Exempt Supplies

Zero rated Vs Exempt

Reason behind VAT Implementation

Impact of VAT on UAE Economy

Why VAT in UAE is different?

Gulf VAT Framework

Rules for VAT registration

Rules for VAT De-registration

When should VAT be accounted for?

Calculating Input VAT (Purchase)

Calculating Output VAT (Sales,Services & Gifts)

Filing VAT returns

VAT Schemes

Timing for VAT Filing

Substantial traders

Claim for VAT Refunds

Late payment/submission penalties

Error and penalties

Default interest rate

Calculating output VAT on Exports

Calculating input VAT on Imports

(Member countries and non-member countries)

Layout of the VAT invoice

Charging VAT on Invoice price

VAT invoices Record keeping

Pre-registration input VAT Calculation Relief Calculation

Valuation of Supplies

Our Upcoming Batches

Course Name Training Type Start Date Location
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VAT – UAE    Class/Hotel    16.12.2017 DXB/Shj Join Now Inquire Now
VAT – UAE    Class/Hotel    21.12.2017 DXB/Shj/Ajamn Join Now Inquire Now
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