AutoCAD is a powerful tool used by the professionals for creating engineering drawings like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Geological drawings. Learn tips to create rich, complex design virtualizations or 3D Objects. CAD contains so many tools for making effective and easy drawings. This course provides complete information about AutoCAD and also all the new features of CAD.

Course Structure

  • Getting started with CAD
  • The User Interface
  • Workspace & Command bar
  • Start, organize and Save a drawing
  • Basic Drawing Commands
  • Lines, Circles, Arcs, Donuts, Rectangles
  • Polygons, Helix, Splines, Ellipse
  • Points, Ray, Multi lines, Revision Clouds
  • Wipe outs, Construction lines & Texts
  • Regions, Boundary, Hatches & Poly lines
  • Different Zooming Styles
  • Overview of Pan & Named Views
  • Basic Modifying Commands
  • Move, Copy, Erase, Trim, Rotate, Offset
  • Scale, Stretch, Mirror, Lengthen, Break
  • Extend, Join, Chamfer, Fillet & Array
  • Overview of object Properties
  • Working with Colors
  • Working with Line Types & Weights
  • Working with Layers
  • Overview of Blocks
  • Using Built in Blocks of CAD
  • Normal & Global Blocks
  • Dynamic Blocks in CAD
  • Basic concepts of Dimensioning
  • Linear, Aligned and Angular Dimensions
  • Radial, Diameter and Jogged Styles
  • Baseline, Continuous & Leaders
  • Modifying and Overriding Dimension Styles

Overview of 3D Views
Introduction to 3D Modeling
Visual Styles & 2D Wire frame Views
Built-in Solid Primitives
Revolve, Sweep, Loft Commands
Creating Section Planes in CAD
Introduction to Meshes
Revolve, Tabulated, Ruled, Edge Meshes
3D Operations & Solid Editing Commands

Applying Materials & Textures
Add Light to Your Model
Overview of Animation in CAD

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