Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used to store and retrieve numerical data in a grid format of columns and rows. Excel is ideal for entering, calculating and  analyzing company data such as sales figures, sales taxes or commissions.  Advanced Microsoft Excel  training is for those people who know Excel already and is designed for students to gain advanced  skills necessary to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros (Optiona). … etc..

Our Key Features

Experienced & Professional Trainers
Certification Questions & Answers
Assignments & Case Studies
Configuration Materials Soft-Copy
Recorded Session Videos

Course Structure

  • Basic Functions
  • Sumif, Countif, Sumifs, Countifs
  • Pivot Table & Pivot Chart
  • Data Validation
  • Goal Seek
  • Hyperlink
  • Print Titles
  • Name Manager
  • Custom List
  • Advanced Filter
  • Scenario Manager
  • Quick Access Tool Bar
  • Header And Footer
  • Formulae Auditing
  • Vlookup & If error
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Subtotal, Group, Ungroup
  • Data Table
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Consolidation
  • Watch Window
  • Text To Columns
  • Custom Views
  • Comment
  • Paste Special
  • Track Changes

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